Program Highlights

  • More than 50% of US products require welding 

  • Tremendous job opportunities and growing demand--local jobs available now 

  • Welding is used to construct and/or repair thousands of manufactured products 

  • Make use of blueprints to plan, layout, cut, shape, weld and finish various projects 

  • Work with steel, stainless steel, cast iron, bronze, nickel, and other metals and alloys


About Welding Certification Program

The 685-hour Welding Certification program is performance based with no prerequisite course or certification required.  Learners will work with various metals and utilize blueprints to plan, layout, cut, shape, weld, and finish projects, including preparing estimates. Learners will practice with professional tools/equipment, as well as principles/ techniques they will use on the job.


Admission/Acceptance Requirements

The minimum requirements for consideration in the program include:

  • High School Diploma/GED

  • Completed Application and $50 Fee

  • Skill Assessment

  • BEST test is required prior to skill assesment if English is a second language

  • Interview with Coordinator

Diane Shew, Coordinator
(740) 393-2933



Certification is available through the  American Welding Society (AWS) D.1.1 structural steel certification and pipe welding certification. Certification in the field shows pride and competence in one’s profession.

Information about certification:


Course Schedule

Class Dates
Starts January 11, 2016

Class Time
Monday - Thursday
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

KCCC High School

Current Program Calendar


Career Opportunities

  • Welder

  • Cutter

  • Sheet Metal Worker

  • Assembler

  • Fabricator

  • Pipe Welder

  • Welder Fitter

  • The list goes on and on!